‘Doctor Who’ Star Millie Gibson to Be Replaced by Varada Sethu

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‘Doctor Who’ Star Millie Gibson to Be Replaced by Varada Sethu

In a surprising turn of events, Millie Gibson, known for her role as Ruby Sunday in the Christmas special of “Doctor Who,” is set to bid farewell after just one season. The iconic sci-fi series is welcoming Varada Sethu, the talented actor from “Jurassic World Dominion,” to join Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor’s companion in the upcoming 15th season.

The Transition

Gibson, recognized for her stint on “Coronation Street,” made a splash as Ruby Sunday alongside Gatwa, who portrays the Fifteenth Doctor. While she will return for the 14th season, Sethu will step into the companion role for the 15th season currently in production in Wales. The details of Sethu’s character remain shrouded in mystery, adding an air of anticipation to the upcoming season.

Staying Power

Despite the change in companions, Ncuti Gatwa is set to continue his captivating portrayal as the Doctor. The actor, also known for his role in “Barbie,” brings a unique energy to the iconic character, ensuring a seamless transition amidst the cast shake-up.

Behind the Scenes

The mastermind behind the 2005 reboot, Russell T Davies, is back in the driver’s seat as showrunner, taking the helm of the new seasons. His return promises a blend of nostalgia and fresh storytelling, maintaining the essence that has made “Doctor Who” a cultural phenomenon.

Star-Studded Season 14

Season 14 is gearing up for release, featuring guest stars like Yasmin Finney, Bonnie Langford, Jonathan Groff, and Indira Varma. The series recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, showcasing its enduring popularity and cultural impact.

As the TARDIS takes a new turn with Varada Sethu by Ncuti Gatwa’s side, fans can expect an exciting blend of the familiar and the unexpected in the upcoming seasons.


Why is Millie Gibson leaving “Doctor Who” after one season?

Millie Gibson is exiting, and Varada Sethu is taking over for the 15th season.

When does Season 14 of “Doctor Who” release?

Season 14 is set to drop in May on BBC in the U.K. and Disney+ internationally.

Who is Ncuti Gatwa’s new companion in Season 15?

Varada Sethu joins Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor’s companion in Season 15.

What other projects has Varada Sethu been a part of?

Varada Sethu has previously appeared in “Andor” and “Mrs Sidhu Investigates.”

Who is the showrunner for the upcoming seasons of “Doctor Who”?

Russell T Davies, who rebooted the series in 2005, returns as the showrunner.

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