My Old Ass Review – A Charming High-Concept Comedy

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My Old Ass Review - A Charming High-Concept Comedy

In the enchanting realm of Sundance comedies, Margot Robbie-produced “My Old Ass” makes a delightful entrance, seamlessly weaving a magical high-concept “what if?” into its narrative.

Drawing parallels with cinematic gems like Petite Maman and All of Us Strangers, this film adds a frothier touch to its charming storytelling. Premiering to an eager audience during a coveted Saturday night slot, it effortlessly captures the hearts of festival-goers.

Setting the Stage

Set against the emotionally charged backdrop of the weeks before the first year of college, “My Old Ass” follows the journey of Elliott (Maisy Stella), a queer teen residing in the picturesque Muskoka Lakes of Canada.

The film not only serves as a compelling narrative but also doubles up as a persuasive tourism ad for the idyllic location. Elliott’s decision to spend her remaining days exploring local connections and indulging in recreational pursuits portrays believable teenage behavior, devoid of the usual monstrous stereotypes.

Past Meets Future

The plot takes an unexpected turn when, during a psychedelic journey with friends, Elliott encounters her older self (Aubrey Plaza). Initially dismissing it as a hallucination, Elliott discovers a newfound connection when her future self imparts wisdom through a unique phone relationship. The older Elliott guides her younger counterpart through the complexities of family dynamics and the enigmatic advice to stay away from Chad.

Comedy Rooted in Reality

Helmed by actor-turned-filmmaker Megan Park, who wears the hats of both writer and director, “My Old Ass” unfolds as a shaggy yet immensely likeable comedy. Megan Park’s directorial debut, “The Fallout,” showcased her ability to capture the authentic rhythms of teen speech, a skill she carries into this film.

Despite the fantastical premise, Park skillfully grounds the material, balancing goofiness with the genuine reactions of real people navigating surreal situations.

Life Lessons with a Twist

As the film progresses, it seamlessly leads the audience to familiar life lessons—appreciating youth, learning from mistakes, and fostering better relationships. The narrative takes a poignant turn in the final act, injecting a surprising yet impactful emotional punch. Park skillfully navigates the melancholy around the edges, offering a thoughtful reflection on what truly constitutes a bad life choice.

Sensational Performances

While the film embraces a glossy and poppy aesthetic reminiscent of 2000s studio comedies, some relationships may feel a tad rushed. A longer runtime could have provided more beats, particularly in exploring Elliott’s relationship with her parents. Nonetheless, standout performances by Maisy Stella and Aubrey Plaza create a tender rapport, elevating the film.

In the realm of Sundance surprises, “My Old Ass” stands out as a rich treat, deserving of a broad audience, appealing to both young and old.


Where is “My Old Ass” set?

The film is set in the idyllic Muskoka Lakes in Canada.

Who plays the younger Elliott in the film?

Maisy Stella portrays the character of Elliott.

What is the unique twist in the plot involving Elliott’s older self?

During a psychedelic experience, Elliott encounters her older self, leading to a phone relationship with wisdom-sharing.

Who is the filmmaker behind “My Old Ass”?

Megan Park, an actor turned filmmaker, serves as both the writer and director of the film.

What are the predominant life lessons explored in the film?

The film emphasizes appreciating youth, learning from mistakes, and nurturing relationships.

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