Pedro Pascal’s Playful Comeback to Kieran Culkin’s Golden Globes Jab

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Pedro Pascal's Playful Comeback to Kieran Culkin's Golden Globes Jab

In a night filled with glitz and glamour at the Emmy Awards, Pedro Pascal seized the opportunity to respond humorously to Kieran Culkin’s light-hearted jab at the Golden Globes. The “Last of Us” actor, known for his charismatic presence, used his time as a presenter to address the playful feud.

Pascal’s Comic Revelation

Taking the stage with undeniable charm, Pedro Pascal immediately addressed the elephant in the room – his recent appearances with an arm sling. With a twinkle in his eye, he shared, “Everyone’s been asking about my arm, but it’s actually my shoulder.” Then, with perfect comedic timing, he dropped the bomb, “And I think it’s time to let everyone know that Kieran Culkin beat the s— out of me.” The audience erupted in laughter, setting the stage for a lighthearted exchange.

The Culkin Reaction

As the camera cut to Kieran Culkin, the “Succession” star maintained a straight face, offering a deadpan reaction to Pascal’s playful accusation. The contrast between Pascal’s animated storytelling and Culkin’s stoic expression added an extra layer of humor to the moment, creating a buzz among the audience.

Culkin’s Initial Taunt

The friendly banter between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin originated at the Golden Globes, where Culkin, in the midst of celebrating his win, took a moment to playfully diss Pascal with a cheeky “Suck it, Pedro.” Culkin further emphasized his triumph by claiming Pascal as his own, uttering a confident “mine” while holding his statuette.

Emmys Showdown

Both Pascal and Culkin found themselves in the Emmy spotlight, each nominated for their outstanding contributions to television. Pascal secured three Emmy nominations for his diverse roles, while Culkin earned a nomination for his portrayal of Roman Roy in “Succession.” The stage was set for a night of recognition and, in Pascal’s case, humorous retaliation.

In the grand theater of awards shows, where tensions often run high, Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin reminded us that laughter can be the best response to a good-natured jab.


What did Pedro Pascal say about his “injury” at the Emmys?

Pedro humorously attributed his arm sling to Kieran Culkin beating him up.

How did Kieran Culkin react to Pedro Pascal’s revelation?

Culkin maintained a straight face, offering a deadpan response to Pascal’s playful accusation.

What initiated the banter between Pascal and Culkin?

The banter began at the Golden Globes, where Culkin playfully taunted Pascal during his acceptance speech.

How many Emmy nominations does Pedro Pascal have?

Pascal secured three Emmy nominations for his roles in “The Last of Us,” “Patagonia,” and hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

Why did Culkin claim Pascal as “mine” at the Golden Globes?

Culkin playfully emphasized his win by asserting Pascal as his own, adding a humorous touch to his acceptance speech.

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