Snoop Dogg’s Daughter, Cori Broadus, Faces Health Crisis with Stroke at 24

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Snoop Dogg's Daughter, Cori Broadus, Faces Health Crisis with Stroke at 24

In a recent Instagram revelation, Cori Broadus, daughter of the iconic Snoop Dogg, shared the distressing news of suffering a severe stroke on January 18. At just 24 years old, she finds herself grappling with the aftermath, currently undergoing recovery in a hospital.

Lifelong Journey

Born in 1999 as the youngest in the Snoop Dogg family, Cori has confronted adversities from an early age. Her battle with autoimmune disease, specifically lupus, has been a constant companion throughout her life. Lupus, a condition triggering the body’s immune system to attack healthy tissues, subjects individuals to a range of symptoms, from joint pain to fatigue.

Mental Health Concerns

Expressing her vulnerability, Cori disclosed the emotional impact of the stroke in an Instagram Story, questioning the hardships at such a young age. This incident raises concerns about her mental well-being, especially after she openly discussed a suicide attempt in 2021, prompted by the weight of ongoing health struggles, despite being engaged to photographer Wayne Polk.

Holistic Healing Journey

Cori’s resilience shines through as she embraces holistic healing approaches. Opting for natural remedies like herbs, sea moss, and teas, she decided to break free from a lifetime of medication. Having stopped taking prescribed drugs for the past five months, Cori emphasizes a newfound commitment to a holistic lifestyle, incorporating fitness, ample water intake, and a drug-free regimen.

Radical Change

At just 24 years old, Cori challenges the norm by discontinuing a daily routine of 10 to 12 pills, opting for a holistic path. Her decision to go “cold turkey” from medications, which she has relied on since the age of 6, reflects a determined pursuit of better health and a life free from dependency on pharmaceuticals.


What health issues has Cori Broadus faced throughout her life?

Cori has battled lupus, an autoimmune disease causing various symptoms, from joint pain to fatigue.

How has Cori addressed her mental health concerns after the stroke?

Cori’s mental health concerns post-stroke follow her open discussion about a suicide attempt in 2021, revealing the emotional toll of her health battles.

What prompted Cori to switch to holistic healing approaches?

Tired of a lifetime on medication, Cori shifted to holistic methods, incorporating herbs, sea moss, teas, and a commitment to fitness.

Why did Cori decide to stop her medication abruptly?

At 24, Cori opted for a radical change, discontinuing the 10 to 12 pills she had been taking daily since the age of 6, aiming for a drug-free lifestyle.

How is Cori handling her recovery from the stroke?

Cori is currently in the hospital, undergoing recovery after the recent stroke.

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