Taylor Ann Green of Southern Charm Dishes on Relationship with Gaston Rojas

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Taylor Ann Green of Southern Charm Dishes on Relationship with Gaston Rojas

In the realm of reality TV, where drama often takes the center stage, a heartwarming love story emerges. Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green has ventured into a romantic connection, intertwining the worlds of Southern Charm and Southern Hospitality. The Bravo network, known for fostering celebrity relationships, now witnesses the blossoming romance between Taylor Ann Green and Gaston Rojas.

The Official Declaration

Making their relationship official in September 2023, Taylor Ann spilled the beans during an exclusive conversation with Us Weekly the following month. Reflecting on her newfound romantic journey, she shared, “I am dating, so now I know what I want in life.”

Date Sparks Romance

The genesis of their love story began in July 2023, with what Taylor Ann affectionately calls an “accidental date.” Initially planning to hang out with friends, the companionship dwindled, leaving Taylor and Gaston to spend quality time together. In her own words during the reunion special for Southern Charm season 9, Taylor affirmed that Gaston is a genuinely great person.

An Unexpected Connection

Opening up about their initial date, Taylor reminisced, “And we were like, I’m oddly really enjoying this. I didn’t think I was going to, but here we are.” By October 2023, Gaston had already become acquainted with Taylor’s family, earning approval from most friends. Despite her ex-boyfriend Shep Rose not meeting Gaston at the time, Taylor expressed confidence in Shep’s happiness for her.

Security in Love

Gushing about her newfound love, Taylor emphasized the confidence and security Gaston brings into their relationship. She highlighted the natural and effortless connection they share when they come together.

Bravocon 2023

The much-anticipated encounter between Shep Rose and Gaston finally unfolded during Bravocon 2023. Although brief, Shep conveyed good wishes to Gaston, acknowledging Taylor’s awesomeness. Leva Bonaparte, another cast member, echoed the sentiment, describing Gaston as a “really nice” guy.

Reunion Special

Southern Charm season 9 unveiled part 1 of the reunion special on Thursday, January 11, 2023. The audience can anticipate the continuation with part 2 on Bravo in the coming week.


Who is Taylor Ann Green dating from Southern Charm?

Taylor Ann Green is dating Gaston Rojas.

When did Taylor Ann make her relationship official?

Taylor Ann confirmed her relationship with Gaston Rojas in September 2023.

How did Taylor and Gaston’s accidental date happen?

The accidental date occurred in July 2023 when plans with friends fell through.

Has Shep Rose met Gaston?

Yes, Shep Rose met Gaston during Bravocon 2023, expressing good wishes for the couple.

When will Southern Charm season 9 reunion special part 2 air?

Part 2 of the reunion special is set to air on Bravo in the upcoming week.

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