Tom Holland Says No Breakup with Zendaya, Just Life Happening

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Tom Holland Says No Breakup with Zendaya, Just Life Happening

In the realm of celebrity relationships, rumors can spread like wildfire. Recently, speculations about Tom Holland and Zendaya calling it quits started making rounds. However, Tom Holland, the ‘Spider-Man’ star, is putting an end to the gossip.

Walking through an alley in L.A., Tom was quick to address the breakup buzz, outright denying any split with Zendaya. When questioned, he responded with a firm “No, absolutely not,” dispelling the rumors and leaving no room for ambiguity.

Recent Red Flags

The speculation gained momentum due to a series of perceived red flags. Zendaya and Tom hadn’t been photographed together publicly for months, and Zendaya unfollowed everyone, including Tom, on Instagram. However, Tom’s straightforward denial challenges the narrative, asserting that their relationship remains intact.

Life Goes On

Despite the lack of recent public appearances together, Tom emphasizes that their individual lives don’t equate to a breakup. Celebrities, particularly the notoriously private duo of Zendaya and Tom, often maintain separate routines. Tom’s clarification suggests that their recent solo endeavors are merely a reflection of their individual pursuits rather than any relationship turbulence.

Zendaya’s Day Out with Brother

Adding to the narrative, Zendaya was spotted out and about in Culver City, cruising with her brother, Austin. While paparazzi captured their cheerful outing, it underlines that individuals in a relationship can have independent moments without signaling a split. Zendaya and Austin’s relaxed demeanor indicates a sibling day out, reinforcing the idea that personal lives continue alongside romantic relationships.

Zom/Tondaya Fans Rejoice

For fans invested in the Zom or Tondaya love story, Tom’s clear denial serves as a relief. Despite the ebb and flow of public appearances, the couple’s strength persists. Tom Holland’s assurance that they are still together affirms that, behind the scenes, their love story continues to unfold.


Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?

Yes, Tom Holland has emphatically denied the breakup rumors, asserting that they are still a couple.

What red flags fueled the breakup speculations?

Red flags included Zendaya unfollowing everyone on Instagram, Tom and Zendaya not being photographed together, and a lack of recent public appearances.

Why haven’t Tom and Zendaya been seen together recently?

Tom suggests that their individual lives and private nature contribute to the lack of recent public appearances together.

Who was Zendaya seen with during the recent outing?

Zendaya was spotted with her brother, Austin, indicating a family outing rather than a romantic one.

What does Tom’s denial mean for Zom/Tondaya fans?

Tom’s denial is a reassurance for fans that the couple is still going strong, dispelling breakup rumors.

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