Every Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movie & TV Show

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Every Upcoming Jacob Elordi Movie & TV Show

Jacob Elordi, the talented actor known for his captivating performances in “Euphoria” and “Saltburn,” is set to make waves in the entertainment industry with a slew of upcoming projects. From Netflix’s “Frankenstein” to the Australian drama miniseries “The Narrow Road to the Deep North,” Elordi’s career is on an upward trajectory.


Jacob Elordi steps into the shoes of the iconic Monster in Netflix’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this eagerly anticipated film boasts a stellar cast, including Oscar Isaac and Mia Goth. Elordi’s role as the Monster promises to showcase his versatility as an actor, and with del Toro at the helm, expectations are high for a cinematic masterpiece.

On Swift Horses

In “On Swift Horses,” directed by Daniel Minahan, Elordi takes on the role of Julius in a captivating drama based on Shannon Pufahl’s novel. The movie explores the complexities of love and the aftermath of the Korean War, with Elordi sharing the screen with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Will Poulter. The love triangle that unfolds promises to be both heart-wrenching and compelling.

Oh, Canada

Joining forces with legendary director Paul Schrader, Elordi portrays the younger version of Richard Gere’s character in “Oh, Canada.” Based on Russell Banks’ novel “Foregone,” the film delves into the life of Leonard Fife, a Canadian-American leftist. Elordi’s performance alongside Gere is poised to bring depth and emotion to this introspective narrative.


In the action thriller “Parallel,” directed by Tom Green, Elordi ventures into a world where parallel versions of humans can be accessed. While details surrounding the film are scarce, Elordi’s involvement adds an air of anticipation to this unique project produced by Legendary Pictures.

The Narrow Road to The Deep North

Venturing into the world of television, Elordi stars in the Australian drama miniseries “The Narrow Road to the Deep North.” The series, based on Richard Flanagan’s novel, follows the life of Dorrigo Evans, an Australian doctor and war veteran. Elordi’s portrayal of the younger Dorrigo promises to be a standout in this emotionally charged production.

Euphoria Season 3

Perhaps the most awaited project on Elordi’s horizon is the third season of “Euphoria.” Fans of the HBO series have eagerly awaited the continuation of the gripping narrative, especially after the season 2 finale left them on the edge of their seats. Elordi reprises his role as Nate Jacobs, adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming season.

As Jacob Elordi continues to diversify his roles across film and television, his star power in Hollywood is undoubtedly on the rise. From classic literary adaptations to contemporary dramas, Elordi’s versatility as an actor is set to captivate audiences worldwide.


When does “Frankenstein” release?

The release date for “Frankenstein” is currently unknown.

Who plays the lead in “On Swift Horses”?

Jacob Elordi stars as Julius in “On Swift Horses.”

What is the premise of “Parallel”?

“Parallel” explores a world where parallel versions of humans can be accessed.

Who directs “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”?

“The Narrow Road to the Deep North” is directed by Tom Green.

When does filming for “Euphoria Season 3” begin?

As of January 2024, filming for “Euphoria Season 3” has not commenced.

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