Bailey Fiercely Defends Keeping Pregnancy Private

By: Mobin

Actress Halle Bailey is known for The Little Mermaid, but made headlines for keeping her pregnancy private until revealing her newborn son.


She faced criticism for not disclosing her pregnancy publicly earlier. Some felt misled when her son's birth was suddenly announced on social media.


On X, Halle firmly defended her choice, saying she never lied but chose to protect her own peace and privacy around her pregnancy.


While Halle stayed silent, some noticed subtle hints like looser outfits. She was also less visible promoting The Color Purple.


Since revealing her son, Halle has shared maternity shoot photos channeling The Little Mermaid. She hinted at new music projects ahead.


The scrutiny, Halle remains focused on her son and embracing motherhood. She seems unbothered by accusations and is staying positive.


As she navigates new motherhood, Halle continues on her own path, making choices to prioritize her wellbeing over public perception.


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