Ben Shapiro Drops Rap Song, Internet Cringes Hard

By: Mobin

Ben Shapiro surprises many by releasing a rap song featuring right-wing artist Tom MacDonald. Gets mixed reactions.

Rap Debut  

Shapiro namechecks Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, calls out cancel culture. Flexes intellect and wealth while insulting other artists.

Targets Rappers

With political lyrics on culture wars, track deemed awkward and cringeworthy though it climbs iTunes charts quickly due to Shapiro's fanbase.


High iTunes numbers, song shredded on social media as worst verse ever. Shapiro memed for clumsy hip hop attempt. 

Internet Mockery   

 Shapiro claims the song makes hip hop great again, takes dig at Nicki. Supporters push track high on iTunes though reviews remain negative.

Victory Lap  

Bizarrely credits childhood violin lessons for rap skills. Further memed for out-of-touch arrogance.

Violin Boast

No surprise polarizing Shapiro stirs backlash. Supporters push sales, critics slam cringe track as promotional ploy.

Lightning Rod 

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