Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid Confirm Romance 

By: Mobin

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid ignite romance rumors by holding hands during a date in London, no longer hiding relationship.

Going Public  

Spotted together earlier in NYC, London PDA moment marks first public confirmation of their dating after months of speculation.

Airport Sighting   

Parents to young kids, source says the couple bonds over parenthood and respects each other's hard work and humility.  

Blended Family  

Earlier saw dining with Bradley's mom Gloria in LA, suggesting she gives seal of approval to son's new high-profile romance. 

Mom Approves

Gigi sports leather jacket and pants while Bradley dons jacket, camo cargo pants and beanie for their London outing.

Cool Couple  

Insider shares that the couple gets along incredibly well and is having the best time together amidst romance.

Having A Blast  

Gigi mom to 4-year old Khai, Bradley dad to 3-year old Lea. Bond over balancing work and parenting.  


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