Caitlyn Jenner's Son Brandon On Being Present Dad

By: Mobin

Brandon is actively trying to be a hands-on, participating dad to his young twins unlike his often absent Olympic champion parent.

Present Focus

Brandon says his mom Linda and dad Caitlyn were frequently busy, unavailable when he was growing up

Childhood Recall

Putting his children first above everything is Brandon's top priority in life now as a parent himself.

Prioritizing Kids 

Brandon makes spending active time with his toddler twins a regular part of his routine from plane rides to fun activities.

Daily Involvement

After years of distance Relationship Brandon and Caitlyn now talk almost every day and have never been closer.

Relationship Status  

Father and son pilots share a love of aviation, frequently working together on planes at their joint airport hangar.

Bonding Point 

Brandon also co-parents 8-year-old daughter Eva from a previous relationship along with his twin toddlers.

Blended Family

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