Dakota Johnson Reunites with Timberlake on SNL  

By: Mobin

Dakota Johnson hosted SNL and reunited with Justin Timberlake during her opening monologue, referencing their roles together in The Social Network film. 

SNL Hosting

Jimmy Fallon also made a surprise guest appearance in Johnson's SNL monologue dressed as his Bee Gees character, originally set for a sketch with Timberlake.

Guest Star 

In her monologue, Johnson gave a shoutout to Taylor Swift, who was seated behind Donald Trump in a photo from SNL's 40th anniversary special. 

Marvel Mention  

Timberlake joked about Johnson mentioning his last SNL hosting gig was 10 years prior, and they riffed about "bringing coming back" like he brought "sexy back.

Callback Jokes

Beyond the monologue, Timberlake and Fallon as the Bee Gees brothers appeared in a sketch with Johnson, showing off their comedic chemistry.

Shared Screen

Johnson made references to her viral Architectural Digest home tour and "love" of limes, a lie she had to improvise that became a pop culture moment.

Lime Love   

Johnson recently made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the title clairvoyant in Sony's Madame Web film, giving her major blockbuster exposure.

Marvel Debut

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