Taylor Swift's Brilliant Lesson in Emotional

By: Mobin

When AI was used to create explicit deepfake images of Swift, she responded with emotional intelligence: fighting back methodically.

Deepfakes Target

Rather than highlight Swift's reaction, her team emphasized how "her circle of family and friends" were "furious" over the images - making it about the crime, not her.

Swift's Circle 

Thanks to the intense reaction, platforms like X shut down searches for Swift's name & promised to monitor for deepfakes.

Platforms Step In

In the wake of the incident, members of Congress said they hoped it would spark momentum for a new bill criminalizing deepfakes.

Possible New Laws

Swift leveraged emotional intelligence: pushing back methodically against attacks, letting actions speak louder than emotions.

Lesson in Emotion

 There's a risk complaining draws more attention, but Swift avoided that by keeping the focus on the crime rather than her reaction.

Drawing Attention   

If a federal anti-deepfake law passes thanks to this, remember to credit Swift's intelligent, influential response to disturbing AI images.


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