David and Victoria Beckham's Uber Eats commercial

By: Mobin

The Beckhams preview their Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial recreating their now viral "be honest" Netflix moment.


The 30 second ad shows the pair joking about sports mixups and forgetting Jennifer Aniston's name while Victoria wears a "My Dad Had A Rolls Royce" shirt.

Clip Details   

The scene parodies Victoria claiming a working class upbringing when David questions what car her dad drove her to school in.  


After back and forth, Victoria admits her dad had a Rolls Royce, contrary to her working class claims. The moment went viral.

Rolls Royce

Both before & after the ad, David pokes fun at Victoria's privilege like when they had New Years lunch at The Ritz. 

David's Digs

Many praised David online for funny, lightheartedly calling out Victoria's posh childhood claims in the Netflix scene.

Social Praise   

Recreating the viral confrontation for comedy, the Beckhams take the attention over Victoria's background in stride.

Good Fun

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