Khloe Kardashian Deals With Stress By Working Out

By: Mobin

Khloe says working out is her therapy and the best way she copes with stress. She finds it helps her stay focused physically and mentally. 


Khloe advises setting small, realistic fitness goals. Achieving them helps motivation. Start anew after setbacks rather than give up.


Over the years Khloe consistently promotes fitness and has offered much advice on workout routines to social media followers.


Recent drug test failure led to a suspension for Khloe's ex Tristan Thompson, father of her two kids. This raised public interest in her life.  


Relationship ups and downs, Khloe takes a positive approach to co-parenting with Tristan for the kids' wellbeing.


Khloe stresses the blessing of Tristan being an involved, hands-on Dad. She prioritizes nurturing beautiful kid-Dad bonds.  


Khloe acknowledges co-parenting amicably would be easier but working to be cordial is harder and worth it for the kids.


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