Denies Cher's Conservatorship Request for Son Elijah

By: Mobin

Cher filed to become the temporary conservator for her son Elijah Blue Allman last year, citing substance abuse and mental health concerns.


Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui denied Cher's request at a recent hearing, saying Allman proved he's remained sober and handled his finances. 

Judge's Ruling   

To make his case, Allman submitted to several drug tests and argued he has managed his affairs. The judge said Cher's fears were hypothetical.  

Allman's Defense

Conservatorships grant control over someone's affairs when they can't make decisions, like those with dementia. 


The judge will still consider a long-term conservatorship for Allman at a March hearing. But for now, Cher's request for control of his choices was denied.

Ongoing Case

Cher and Allman, born when she was with Gregg Allman, have had a rocky relationship at times despite her supporting his musical career.

Mother and Son

Allman has struggled with substance abuse issues for years, being to rehab several times. Cher said she filed for conservatorship out of concern for his wellbeing.  

Substance Struggles

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