Sofia Richie Reveals Baby's Gender in Video

By: Mobin

Sofia Richie revealed she's having a baby girl in a sweet gender reveal TikTok video with husband Elliot Grainge. 

Gender Reveal 

Richie let out a loud, excited scream and ran around the yard after seeing the pink confetti. She later apologized to neighbors for the "horrifying scream.

Ecstatic Reaction

The model announced her pregnancy news in January 2024. She later shared she's due in early spring.

Pregnancy News

Though Richie said she and Grainge expected a boy, her "dream in life is to have a daughter." Grainge was also "really excited" for a baby girl.

Hopes for a Girl

Fans gushed over the heartwarming reveal video. Many commented on Richie's authentic joy and said it was refreshing she kept it lowkey with just her husband present.

Fan Reactions 

Richie said they had her assistant fill two poppers, one blue and one pink. The OB texted the assistant the gender to ensure it stayed secret. 

Details of Reveal   

Even before pregnancy, Richie loved watching creative gender reveals online. She said it was a dream to have a daughter, making this extra special.

Richie's Hopes

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