Kate Hudson Debuts With "Talk About Love" Single

By: Mobin

Kate Hudson has released a teaser for her debut single "Talk About Love," marking the actress' first musical release. 


The 13-second teaser shows Hudson driving a vintage car around LA in a fur coat and sunglasses. The words "Talk About Love" flash on screen with the release date.


Fans expressed excitement in the Instagram comments, eager to hear Hudson's musical side after decades of acting success. 


Hudson first revealed plans to record an album in April 2022, referring to music as her "ikigai" or "reason for being."


Video and photos from the Aspen show in December showed Hudson's joy performing live music for the first time. She vowed to "sing and play and love" in 2024.


Though Hudson was drawn to music early on, she avoided it for years due to "daddy issues" and not wanting to connect to her musician father.


Hudson revealed that after her breakout role in Almost Famous at 18, she rejected music because she feared failure would "destroy" her. 


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