Kate Leaves Hospital After Surgery Starts Recovery

By: Mobin

Kate has left the London Clinic hospital after 13 nights and is now recovering at her Adelaide Cottage home. 


She underwent abdominal surgery almost 2 weeks ago but details of the procedure remain private. A long recuperation period is expected.  


Kate will spend the next few months focusing on her health. She's not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter.   


Prince William was seen visiting his wife multiple times while she was in hospital over the past 2 weeks.


Kate & William sent their "huge thank you" to the medical staff who cared for the Princess of Wales and all the well-wishers from around the world.


In keeping with past royal medical issues, details of Kate's condition and surgery were kept private amidst huge global interest.


 It echoes King Charles' recent prostate surgery which was announced to encourage checkups while specifics were not shared publicly. 


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