Kate Middleton's Serious Surgery Recovery 

By: Mobin

Kate Middleton recently underwent planned abdominal surgery at a private London hospital. The palace said she'll need 10-14 days hospitalized.

Abdominal Surgery

Though details are scarce, sources say Kate's lengthy hospital stay and recovery indicate the surgery was serious.

Surgery Sounds

Kate is in excellent care at the London Clinic and can rely on support from Prince William and family at home in Windsor.


Kate's surgery came as a surprise. William will likely postpone engagements to be by her side during recovery and support their three children.

Royal Household

The palace hasn't disclosed Kate's medical condition requiring surgery beyond stating it's noncancerous. She'll need patience and time to fully recuperate.

Kate's Condition  

William wants to be a hands-on dad for George, Charlotte and Louis. He'll step up at home while Kate recovers, with some royal duties postponed.

Prince William

By taking proper time to heal, Kate sets a positive example about not rushing back to work. Her recovery shows the importance of self-care.

Recovery Time

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