Kylie Jenner Embraces Bedroom Bombshell Style

By: Mobin

Kylie Jenner embraced a sexy, boudoir-inspired vibe with her Paris Couture Week outfits. She went for corsets, underwear, and bathrobes. 

Couture Week Style

Jenner wore a flesh-toned corset with a sheer fabric panel at one show. The look evoked a bedroom bombshell waking up in a luxe hotel suite. 


John Galliano requested Jenner's presence at his Maison Margiela show, likely drawn to her hourglass figure and knack for coquettish looks.

Galliano's Request

For a dinner outing, Jenner wore just a bra, knickers, and an unfastened robe. With tousled hair, she evoked a just-showered vibe.

Bra & Knickers 

Jenner clearly leaned into playing the part of a glamorous, seductive bombshell throughout her Paris Couture Week appearances. 

Bombshell Aesthetic

Galliano sends doll-like figures down the runway. Fittingly, Maison Margiela crafted mannequins to Jenner's exact proportions for their atelier. 

Doll Inspiration 

Jenner's lingerie-inspired dinner look provided a fitting end to her Couture Week run in Paris where she embraced her inner bombshell.

Finale Look

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