Lotus Emeya 'Hyper-GT' Pricing: Tesla Doesn't Need to Worry

By: Mobin

Lotus, known for lightweight sports cars, introduced the Emeya 'Hyper-GT' electric grand tourer in September 2024, targeting Tesla's Model S.

Emeya Unveiled

The Emeya's pricing starts at €106,400 in Europe, over $116k, making it more expensive than the Tesla Model S, which begins at $75k in the US.


In Germany, the Emeya S costs €126,950, while the top Emeya R reaches €150,990, significantly higher than Tesla's Model S Plaid at around €110k.

European Pricing

In the UK, the Emeya range starts at £94,950, with the S at £107,450 and the R at £129,950, surpassing Tesla's left-hand-drive Model S prices.

UK Pricing 

Lotus promises "unrivaled performance, range, charging, and space" with the Emeya, capable of 0-62 mph in under 2.8 seconds and 350 kW charging.


Despite impressive specs, the Emeya's steep pricing could hinder its ability to challenge Tesla's dominance in the high-performance EV segment.

Tesla's Dominance

Lotus aims to compete with Tesla's Model X and S by targeting the luxury EV market with the Eletre SUV and Emeya grand tourer.

Market Strategy

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