Mollie reveals status of friendship with Harry

By: Mobin

Mollie was initially "hurt" when Harry betrayed her trust on Traitors. She stormed off set upon realizing her friend had lied.


Mollie says she has "no beef" with Harry now. They're as close as ever. She doesn't hold grudges since deception is part of the game.


Mollie admits Harry played an incredible game that fooled even her despite their tight bond. His strategy clearly worked on others too.


Mollie struggled with banishing Jaz or Harry, feeling intense guilt either way. Ultimately friendship ruled for the emotional star. 


A key reason Mollie joined was to raise disability awareness. The inspiring model has received loads of thankful messages.


With her newfound fame and millions of viewers, Mollie is eager to advocate for disability issues on a huge platform.


Mollie has a limb difference and stoma bag from ulcerative colitis surgery. She's proud to showcase differences.


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