Netflix Vince McMahon Docuseries Will Be Revealing

By: Mobin

Netflix documentary on Vince McMahon in the works for years given unprecedented access to tell wrestling mogul's full personal and professional story.

Total Acces

Previously a movie, now split into a multi-part series covering McMahon's whole career from early days to recent scandals and exit.

Multiple Parts  

Vince mandated no fake puff piece, wanted an authentic doc. So Netflix will tackle successors, controversies in depth, not holding back.

Warts and All  

Vince's sit-down called the most interesting part of the series. Will give inside look into the man behind the Mr. McMahon character.  

The Interview

With coverage of scandals, exit and likely sale, docuseries will reveal new shocking details even hardcore fans aren't privy to. 

Bombshell Details

On heels of WWE TV rights deal, series now has ending with Vince forced out amidst misconduct allegations and company sale talks.

Perfect Timing

True crime style tone could attract mainstream viewers unaware of Vince's shadowy history beyond wrestling fame.

Mass Interest 

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