Nicki Minaj Slams TikTok While Feuding With Gossip

By: Mobin

Nicki Minaj is accusing TikTok of unfairly targeting her by slapping an "account warning" on her profile, restricting her commenting abilities.


Minaj first raised eyebrows by sending the influencer account a cryptic, confusing direct message reading "once ugly disease allegedly is being paid to get uglier.


Minaj's vulgar comments led TikTok to warn her account, which she felt was unfair and showed preferential treatment. 


The rapper argued there is a double standard that permits harassment against her but restricts her ability to stand up for herself. 


Throughout the messy public back-and-forth, both Minaj fans and the general online public remain confused over what exactly ignited the beef. 


At one point amid the feud, Minaj referenced multiple "sold out" tour stops, suggesting the account's paymasters.


Never one to back down from beef, Minaj took on the persona of rap royalty ready to defend her crown at all costs.


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