Porsche's Hardcore Taycan Release on March 11

By: Mobin

Porsche has officially set the stage for the debut of its most extreme Taycan variant yet. Scheduled for a world premiere on March 11.


The upcoming Taycan variant is likely a production version of a prototype that lapped the Nürburgring Nordschleife in an impressive 7:07.55, shaving 26 seconds off.


While the teaser image only shows a shadowy silhouette, the Nürburgring prototype sported a massive rear wing.


With the current Taycan Turbo S packing 938 horsepower, the new flagship could exceed the 1,000-hp mark to match.

 Power Boost

The name of this performance-focused Taycan remains a mystery, although rumors suggest it could be called the Taycan Turbo GT.


Adding a third motor could increase the Taycan's already hefty curb weight, currently at 5,082 pounds for the Turbo S in the United States. 


With the recent Taycan facelift, pricing across the lineup has increased, with the Turbo S now commanding $210,995 in the US.


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