Reason Behind Jessica Biel Eats in the Shower

By: Mobin

Jessica Biel shared a video explaining her habit of eating breakfast in the shower, putting food on a ledge while showering. 


Biel said she likes to multitask by eating and showering, but experts discourage this unhygienic and unsafe habit.


Bathrooms have germs, so eating there risks contamination. Choking and poor digestion are also concerns with shower eating.


Proper focus should be given to meals without distractions. Multitasking while eating makes it less enjoyable.


Multitasking can lower productivity and pleasure from meals. It exhausts the brain, risking burnout and mental health issues.  


Experts advise eating in a clean, dedicated space. Full attention should be given to one task at a time for productivity.


For mental and physical wellness, avoid shower eating. Nurture healthy eating habits and manage tasks one at a time.


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