Soup Thrown at Mona Lisa in Climate Protest

By: Mobin

Pumpkin soup tossed at the Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The iconic art piece was behind protective glass and not harmed.  


The climate activist group "Food Counterattack" was protesting for the integration of food into France's social security system and more rights for farmers.

Food Counterattack

The protest came amid farmer demonstrations in Paris over rising fuel costs and difficult regulations.


This is not the first time the renowned Da Vinci painting has been targeted. In 2022 cake was thrown at it and in 1911 it was stolen.  

Da Vinci

No damage to the precious artwork protected by glass. But concerns over security and preserving historic paintings for future generations remains.


The Mona Lisa has been behind bulletproof glass since the 1950s after previous attacks with acid and stones.


The Louvre filed a complaint over the soup-throwing incident, while French leaders condemned attacks on "our heritage."


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