Vince McMahon Will Still Have WWE Influence

By: Mobin

UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey cast doubt on Vince McMahon being fully gone from WWE after his resignation as chairman amid allegations.

Still in Control

Rousey believes McMahon will still try to run things in WWE through close associate Bruce Prichard, claiming Prichard did that before.

Wielding Influence   

Prichard holds sway in WWE as executive director, so he could be conduit for McMahon even with extra oversight after resignation.  

Executive Role

Rousey cited her own time in WWE as basis for claiming McMahon uses Prichard to influence direction, though dynamics may have changed now.

Past Experience

With WWE's merger into TKO under new CEO Ari Emanuel, he could play more direct role overseeing company following McMahon misconduct claims. 

Leadership Changes

If there was ever time for substantive culture change in WWE after accusations, Rousey hopes McMahon's resignation enables that transformation. 

Altering the Culture

It may take time to see if Rousey's suspicion of ongoing McMahon sway proves true or if real accountability reform happens in WWE.

Awaiting the Impact

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