Yamaha Nmax 155 & Grand Filano's India Debut

By: Ehtesham Arif

Yamaha introduces the Nmax 155 and Grand Filano to the Indian market, offering enhanced features and performance. These scooters represent Yamaha's commitment to innovation.


With the debut of the Nmax 155 and Grand Filano at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, Yamaha expands its scooter portfolio in India.


While maintaining Yamaha's signature design language, these scooters offer upgraded performance and functionality, promising an elevated riding experience.


Both the Grand Filano and Nmax 155 adhere to a neo-retro design ethos, blending classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities.


Equipped with a robust 125cc engine, the Grand Filano and Fascino deliver impressive power and torque, ensuring smooth acceleration and dynamic performance on urban roads.


Featuring high-quality components such as RSU telescopic front forks, alloy wheels, and optional front disc brakes, these scooters offer superior handling and control.


The introduction of the Nmax 155 and Grand Filano signifies Yamaha's strategic approach to capturing a larger share of the Indian scooter market.

Market Impact

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