Lauching the 2024–’25 Dodge Charger, Options and Features Also Revealed

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Lauching the 2024–'25 Dodge Charger, Options and Features Also Revealed

The upcoming 2024–’25 Dodge Charger is set to revolutionize the automotive market, offering a wide range of configurations, powertrains, and features. From electric to gas-powered models, and two to four doors, the new Charger promises versatility and performance like never before.


The 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona, featuring an EV powertrain and two doors, is slated to debut soon. This model will be followed by a four-door version and gas-powered variants in the subsequent year. Production of the two-door Daytona will commence in the summer of 2024, with availability expected in the fall. The four-door version and gas-powered Charger Sixpack are scheduled for production in early 2025, expanding the Charger lineup further.

Daytona Trims

The Dodge Charger Daytona encompasses various trims and features tailored to meet diverse preferences. The EV versions, available in R/T and Scat Pack variants, boast dual electric motors for all-wheel drive. Notably, the Scat Pack offers a Stage 2 kit, elevating its power output to 670 horsepower. In contrast, the gas-powered Charger Sixpack comes with two engine options, providing horsepower ranging from 420 to 550. Each trim is equipped with advanced features, including automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring.


The Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack introduces exclusive drive modes like Track, Drag, Drift, and Donut, enhancing its performance capabilities. Additionally, customers can personalize their Chargers with a range of optional equipment and packages. Notable options include a full-length glass roof, premium sound system, augmented reality head-up display, and ambient interior lighting. Various packages, such as the Blacktop package and Carbon & Suede package, allow for further customization, catering to individual preferences.

Pricing and Availability

While pricing details are yet to be released, Dodge has unveiled several option packages to enhance the Charger’s appeal. These packages offer features like black 20-inch wheels, upgraded interior trim, and advanced driver-assistance systems. Customers can also choose between black or red nappa leather interiors, further customizing their Chargers to suit their style and preferences.


With its diverse range of configurations, advanced features, and customizable options, the new Dodge Charger sets a new standard for performance and innovation in the automotive industry. Whether it’s the electric Daytona or the gas-powered Sixpack, each variant promises an exhilarating driving experience that enthusiasts will appreciate.

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