Rev Up Your Style: 2024 Ford Mustangs Get a Matte Makeover with New Clear Film

Mudassir Ali
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Rev Up Your Style: 2024 Ford Mustangs Get a Matte Makeover with New Clear Film

Get ready to turn heads with the 2024 Ford Mustang’s latest offering: a sleek matte clear film that adds a touch of sophistication to any paint job. Now, Mustang enthusiasts can opt for a satin-like finish that sets their ride apart from the crowd.

Magic for Mustang

Starting tomorrow, Ford is giving customers the chance to customize their Mustang coupes with this innovative matte clear film. Priced at an additional $5995, the factory-applied film not only transforms the car’s appearance but also provides essential protection for its shiny finish.


The PPG-produced matte clear film offers more than just a cool aesthetic—it’s a shield against the elements. Designed to withstand everything from road debris to harsh chemicals, this film ensures that your Mustang stays looking its best for years to come. Plus, with a warranty lasting three years or 36,000 miles, you can enjoy peace of mind with your stylish upgrade.


While Mustang coupe owners can start ordering the matte clear film tomorrow, convertible enthusiasts will have to wait until the fall to get their hands on this exciting option. Whether you prefer the sleek lines of the coupe or the open-air freedom of the convertible, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the matte makeover.


It’s important to note that the matte clear film cannot be combined with certain packages, such as the GT California Special appearance package or optional graphics packages. Additionally, while it can be applied to models like the 500-hp Dark Horse, some design elements may need to be adjusted to accommodate the film.

Ready to Ride

Are you ready to elevate your Mustang’s style with the stunning matte clear film? Don’t miss your chance to stand out on the road and protect your investment with this innovative upgrade. Order your matte Mustang today and experience the perfect blend of performance and sophistication.

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