Ford’s Gen 4 Coyote V8 Roars as a Crate Engine Offering

Mobeen Akhtar
By Mobeen Akhtar
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Ford's Gen 4 Coyote V8 Roars as a Crate Engine Offering

Attention, gearheads and performance enthusiasts! Ford Performance has just unveiled its latest masterpiece – the fourth-generation 5.0-liter Coyote V8 Aluminator crate engine. This beast of an engine is sure to set your heart racing with excitement and your ride roaring with unparalleled power.


Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Gen 4 Coyote V8 Aluminator joins the ranks of Ford’s impressive crate engine lineup, including the formidable 580-horsepower 5.2-liter powerhouse. However, this latest iteration promises to be the most potent and versatile yet, catering to both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications.


Ford Performance offers two tantalizing versions of the Gen 4 Coyote V8 Aluminator crate engine:

  1. The M-6007-A50NAD: This naturally aspirated variant boasts an impressive 12.0:1 compression ratio, delivering raw, unadulterated power straight from the factory.
  2. The M-6007-A50SCD: Designed with forced induction in mind, this low-compression (9.5:1) variant is the perfect canvas for superchargers and turbochargers, allowing you to unlock even greater performance potential.


Both variants of the Gen 4 Coyote V8 Aluminator crate engine are meticulously engineered to deliver uncompromising performance. From the forged steel crankshaft and Mahle Hard Anodized forged pistons to the Manley H-beam connecting rods and four-valve-per-cylinder aluminum heads, every component is carefully crafted to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving.


While the crate engine itself is a masterpiece, Ford Performance understands that true performance is achieved through seamless integration. That’s why both variants come equipped with essential components like Ford Performance spark plugs, an oil filter, and billet steel gerotor oil pump gears. However, the true beauty lies in the endless customization possibilities, as you’ll need to source your own vehicle harnesses, PCM, exhaust manifolds, and alternators to complete your build.


The Gen 4 Coyote V8 Aluminator crate engine isn’t just a powerhouse; it’s also a testament to Ford’s commitment to accessibility. With a sticker price of $15,000, this crate engine is nearly half the cost of a brand-new Mustang GT, making it an irresistible option for enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance without breaking the bank.


Whether you’re building a track-devouring monster or a street-legal masterpiece, the Gen 4 Coyote V8 Aluminator crate engine from Ford Performance is sure to elevate your ride to new heights. Embrace the future of performance, and let the world hear your roar.

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