Futuristic Charm of the Ineos Fusilier, A Smaller Throwback 4×4 with EV or Hybrid Power

Mudassir Ali
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Futuristic Charm of the Ineos Fusilier, A Smaller Throwback 4x4 with EV or Hybrid Power

Ineos, the innovative SUV maker, is back with another exciting addition to its lineup: the Fusilier. This new SUV, set to hit the market in 2027, offers the choice between hybrid or electric powertrains, catering to diverse preferences and environmental concerns.


Much like its predecessor, the Grenadier, the Fusilier exudes the timeless charm of classic Land Rover Defenders. However, it introduces a fresh perspective with its sleeker design and incorporation of battery power. The Fusilier’s refined aesthetic features a smoother front end and a redefined windshield angle, giving it a more aerodynamic allure.


Despite its smaller stature, the Fusilier doesn’t compromise on performance or versatility. Measuring 13 inches shorter than the Grenadier, this SUV adopts a new platform, moving away from the traditional ladder frame chassis. Instead, it embraces a modern “battery skateboard” structure, blending steel and aluminum for enhanced agility and efficiency.

Powertrain Options

The Fusilier offers two distinct powertrain options to suit various driving needs. As an electric vehicle, it boasts an electric motor on each axle, delivering robust performance while minimizing environmental impact. Alternatively, customers can opt for the range-extender version, equipped with an onboard gasoline engine functioning as a generator to recharge the battery on the go. This innovative approach ensures versatility, especially in regions with unreliable electricity supply.


Ineos strikes a balance between eco-friendliness and usability with the Fusilier. While prioritizing off-road capabilities, the SUV also caters to lifestyle users seeking convenience and comfort. One notable enhancement is the transition from the Grenadier’s recirculating ball steering to a more conventional rack and pinion system, enhancing maneuverability and ease of handling.


As the Fusilier progresses towards its launch, more details regarding specifications and pricing are expected to surface. Ineos remains committed to delivering a compelling driving experience, blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design cues.

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