Rivian’s Exciting New Entries: R3 and R3X, Affordable Electric SUVs for Adventure Seekers

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Rivian's Exciting New Entries: R3 and R3X, Affordable Electric SUVs for Adventure Seekers

Rivian, the innovative electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently taken the automotive world by storm with its unveiling of the R2 SUV. But that’s not all they had up their sleeve; alongside the R2, Rivian introduced two more compact SUVs – the R3 and R3X. Let’s delve into what these newcomers have to offer.

Compact and Stylish

The R3 shares its platform with the R2 but comes with a shorter wheelbase, making it more maneuverable in urban environments. Despite its smaller size, the R3 retains Rivian’s signature design language, boasting sleek body panels and a distinctive front fascia. With its wheels pushed out to the corners and a minimal rear overhang, the R3 exudes a sporty yet practical vibe.

Tougher Sibling

For those craving more adventure, Rivian offers the R3X. This rugged variant comes equipped with three electric motors, providing enhanced performance and all-wheel-drive capability. With wider wheels, higher ground clearance, and aggressive tires, the R3X is ready to tackle off-road terrain with ease. Its striking exterior features, including teal paint and orange accents, ensure that it stands out from the crowd.


Both the R3 and R3X are expected to offer impressive performance and range, thanks to Rivian’s advanced drivetrain configurations and battery-pack options. With an estimated driving range of over 300 miles and rapid charging capabilities, these electric SUVs promise convenience and reliability for everyday use. Customers can choose between single or dual motor setups for the R3, while the R3X comes exclusively with a three-motor configuration.

Comfort and Versatility

Inside, the R3 and R3X offer a comfortable and versatile cabin space. Italian-inspired ribbed seats provide both style and support, while a large glass roof creates an airy atmosphere. Folding rear seats allow for increased cargo capacity, perfect for weekend getaways or impromptu camping trips.

Affordability and Availability

While pricing for the R3 and R3X has yet to be announced, Rivian aims to position these models as more affordable alternatives to the larger R2. With an anticipated starting price between $35,000 to $40,000 for the R3 and $45,000 to $55,000 for the R3X, these electric SUVs offer an enticing combination of performance and value. Expect to see them hit the market as 2027 models, providing consumers with even more options in the rapidly growing electric vehicle segment.


Rivian’s introduction of the R3 and R3X expands their lineup to cater to a broader range of consumers. Whether you’re seeking a compact urban cruiser or a rugged off-road adventurer, these electric SUVs promise to deliver style, performance, and versatility at an affordable price point.

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